We eat out! Menu enjoyment without calories

Meals not to cause too many calories. An ideal guide, whether you're on vacation or not ... Old School New Body

Tips "survival" in the restaurant

How to enjoy your food without problems ...

Read carefully the list. He asked the waiter for the content, the way of preparation and portion Specforce Alpha Review size of foods intending to order and clarification of exactly how you want your food.

Do not choose salads containing leafy vegetables such as lettuce and cabbage, for several times not washed as thoroughly as necessary. Also avoid salads with cheese, sausages or fatty sauces. Ask your salad without oil and add your own quantity of olive oil they want.

Choose to garnish your main course of vegetables, greens or rice rather than fries.

Avoid the many appetizers, varieties, anything containing meat or kibble has become, the "cold" dishes and eating fried or baked bread, especially when it is poured over with additional oil.

Instead eat something fried, preferred the foodstuff boiled or roasted.

It called red meats, poultry, fish and seafood are well done.

If you serve large portions, or you order something you know to be particularly fattening, share it with your friends.

Try to eat slowly and calmly, with small bites, and always using cutlery.

Set restrictions on alcohol consumption. Do not replace water with beer or soft drinks.

If you definitely want something sweet and cool dessert, preferring yogurt with a little honey or some fruit.

Spices can help slimming effort. Learn how your mix will accelerate combustion. Want to spice while eating, reduce appetite and speed up your combustion? Mix 3 teaspoons paprika (less if it is hot), 2 teaspoons cayenne pepper, www.nolimitly.com/2015/02/cruise-control-diet.html 1 teaspoon cumin and ½ teaspoon garlic powder. By hand this mixture, which is quite spicy and hot, you can spice tomato sauces, legumes, soups, rice, eggs, pizza dough, prepared with meat, tortillas corn, pop corn, etc.


The magic juice for persistent local fat

Learn what ingredients can prepare a refreshing juice that will help you fight fat ... http://www.dietmythsandfacts.com/2013/10/cruise-control-diet-book.html persists in some parts of your body.

Grapefruit juice with tomatoes

Alkalize the blood, stimulates thermogenesis, facilitate the mobilization of body fat, prevent fluid retention, increases diuresis.

Ingredients: 1 grapefruit. 2 medium-sized tomatoes. ½ teaspoon sucralose (sweetener) or 1 teaspoon honey with royal jelly.

Instructions: Peel the grapefruit and tomatoes. The putting together in a blender and hit at high speed until homogeneous. Add the sweetener or honey and serve.

Recommended use: 1 time daily, before or after physical activities.

Option: juice of lemon, tomato and mint.


Make fire in burning exercises 2 in 1!

Make liposculpture from within, combined with exercises "2 in 1". You improve your physical condition and revitalizes your whole silhouette. The best program body sculpting, without a scalpel!

Combinatorial exercises Mi40x review coordinated mobilize large muscle groups, such as the legs and trunk. At the same time, they operate many smaller muscles, which either contribute actively to the realization of repetitions or supportive act. So every combinatorial exercise, the muscular system is forced to participate cooperatively almost entirely and produce more mechanical work thus compounded the combustion compared with individual exercises.

Furthermore, because of the special nature of training stimuli varies positively adaptive ability of the neuromuscular system, which leads to impressive improvements in functionality, tone, shape and muscle lineage.

Subsequently, with the appropriate program and the systematic implementation of the muscle mass grows at the expense of stored fat, so the dynamic metabolism is enhanced significantly during the 24 hours, resulting in a further reduction of body fat.

So if you want a thinner and more toned body, which emphasizes and highlights your femininity, you have only to try ...

Make liposculpture from within, combined with exercises "2 in 1". You improve your physical condition and revitalizes your whole silhouette. The best program body sculpting, without a scalpel!

Exercises "2 in 1"

They make female muscles, melt the unnecessary fat. Your muscular system works twice as active, oulachiston burn 50% more calories ...

1. Lifting the leg - bringing opposite hand

Increases circulation, reduces swellings

Starting Position: Upright posture. Body upright, arms stretched in the lateral shoulder extension.

Preparation: In a very small bounce you bring one leg bent towards the abdomen, while the opposite arm forward and instruments. Bring back foot specforce alpha review and hand to the starting position and repeat alternately. Exhale during the effort.

Easier variant: Without moving hands, legs lifted to a lesser height. More difficult variation: Greater bounce, slightly oblique lift the leg to the opposite breast.


How to survive a woman a breakup

Before ruin unfairly 2 boxes tissues learn 10 facts about the sudden separation and spend more super summer of your life. He was the perfect man for you, the ideal, What Men Secretly Want a boon in a nutshell. But despite years of love a summer morning in bottle left so suddenly.

But despite years of love a summer morning in bottle left so suddenly. Before ruin unfairly 2 boxes tissues and to stop to wonder how much bad boy was Nick "(or as you say in the achairefto) learn 10 facts about the sudden separation and spend more super summer of your life.

1. You will definitely spend a period of grief: A separation is not overcome from one day to the next, nor have claim to be joyful and beautiful in the first clock. Definitely will go and days of depression or better adaptation to the new conditions. The more sudden separation (or the announcement of it) the more it will be the questions that must be answers. Besides, the immense grief of the first days is necessary to proceed and acceptance of events. To make things easier, you have your friends by your side and will eventually get tired of being sad!

2. No one died and: Okay, you lost a relationship but did not die and nobody. Especially when the separation was his decision, let him live with the positive or negative selection such. Let that if you are in the same circle of friends, you will understand very quickly that the loss is limited to the relationship and not the person, that much You wish for do not fall on it so often.

3. If he believes does not fit, it will lose: if he felt the need to separate, you need not try much to change your mind. The person who deserves to be by your side will be 100% sure that she wants to be his girlfriend and would not doubt for a minute. Sure, there are couples who give second and third chances in their relationship to break even uglier eventually. You alone you should not want to be part of a relationship with someone who loves and let feels as presses cat.

4. Do not idealize the relation- was not always good: One of the evils of a sudden, not only separation is that we often forget the bad relationship and left sweet memories that will not relive. However, you must not forget Keynes and moments Text the romance back that really wanted to divorce him you! Then you bored to go and preferred to watch football with their mates, dozens of times caught him lying to you or how badly behaved to your friends. Right now you may think that it was perfect, but at some point will begin to remember the thousands and wrong upside down and he had.

5. Do not rush to surpass them and do not listen to their buddies: Do not pressure yourself quickly move quickly to the next bond. In any case, the separation is a form of loss definitely a grief period is required to proceed successfully forward. The time you will need personal basis and vary your character and can be weeks and even months. Take care capitalize well this time learning surfing or backgammon or a foreign language! Now if in the meantime accept calls from buddies of your former favorite, do not answer. Grant the missed calls everywhere and give the former the message that should form his own chestnuts from fu fu.