Burn up to 300 calories on the beach

I am sure that many of you have tried to lose weight with moderate or no results. Observe your food, you come gym, but do not lose pounds in a week. You meen that something is your thyroid, your metabolism, hormones sas.Tis Most often those are not suffering, just in your quest to exist lathi.Gia see some, perhaps identify some yours.

Overestimate your physical activity. The fact that you come to the gym and follow a program does not mean that you burn many calories. Calories burned many who follow intense programs for a long time. One hour mild aerobic for example, has more than 150 calories of energy kostos.2 sliced ​​bread around. So "exercise" does not mean "I can not eat that much as I want"

Eating healthy but beware quantities. The multigrain bread, tahini, nuts are healthy foods does not mean you get fat though. The multigrain bread has exactly the same calories as white bread, just more ygieino.Ara even in healthy very careful quantities.

Coming gym but monotonous exercise and do about the same workouts .If following a routine at the gym will not see dramatic results. In healthy bodies need frequent change routine while increasing intensity of proponiseon.P.ch. Most kilos organ, many more sets, greater intensity in the hallway. The muscular system wants "surprises" and "surprised" to work and improve. The routine the "sleeps".

Steal in the diet. A sweets at work, a glass of wine, a cheese pies that jealous of the colleague. These are extra with enough calories, which you tend to forget.

Some days a week you eat or drink much more savings will be. Once a week no harm to stray from the diet, two or three times but "costs"

This applies to men. Do diet, but drink a drink. Alcohol means belly. If you do not limit you will never see six packs.


Marriage makes you fat?

Hello. There is a social impact in terms of kilos? There comradely influence in terms of kilos? There are other rules governing the rhythms of a couple after marriage? It takes more against the man or woman after marriage? Who ends up having more weight? Lost that weight over the years? It plays an important role in weight to emotional balance of the spouses?

Maria is 40 years old and is married with a 10 year old George, have a child. Maria in her thirties was 60kila and 10 year after it 75kila. He explains that 30 complaints when taking the weight lost through. What changed what nutritionist asks and answers the following 'probably the motivation'. Six years trying to lose 15-17 kilos.

Sophia married a year ago got in a year 12kila. Why to ask and he answers' I changed home, habits, rhythms, my husband ate other foods from me and within a few months I got a lot of weight. " When usually take pounds spouses? What we observe is that the pounds added either in the very beginning, the first time that or after 12-15chronia. That is 12-15 years a woman or a man has not gotten gram? The answer is that they have gotten from 1-3 kilos.

The pace of change after marriage? Where to catch this. For one of the two usually change radically. This is where you will get sudden weight and is heavily usually the woman. We said in the past that people change whatever it can not easily manage the any change has consequences, one of them is the increase in food intake. Why increase? What has the man as 'sedative' apart from eating? Does money, lest clothes, shoes, beautiful watches, nothing of them because none of them does not fit in our body to calm us, apart from the food. Change equals food.


How Many Calories Does your coffee?

From the traditional Greek baked on the coals with a rich cream until Bailey's Irish Cream Coffee! How many calories have a coffee? And what kind of coffee threatens the maintenance of our body image? Starting let us agree that a teaspoon of sugar yields 20 calories and that one milk serving delivers 30 calories. All these "proxy" as the dose of coffee, the amount of sugar and fat content of the milk used in each company may vary. Therefore someone who prefers to take the coffee alone receives far fewer calories than someone who takes his coffee with fresh whole milk or skim. Let's look more specifically ...

Instant Frappe - Nescafe: Coffee has no calories. But Calculate if the preferred plain, medium or sweet, with milk or without the calories that match your preference. (0 to 110 calories)

Greek Coffee: Not calories. But Calculate if the preferred plain, medium sweet or calories to match your preference. The Greek coffee is almost never added to the milk. (0-80 calories)

French Coffee: Not calories. But Calculate if the preferred plain, medium or sweet, with milk or without the calories that match your preference. (0-110thermides).

Espresso: Not calories. But Calculate if the preferred plain, medium or sweet, with milk or without the calories that match your preference. (0-110thermides).

Cappuccino: O is espresso coffee, which contains no calories, but with the frothed dose added automatically calculate 160 calories, unless added whipped so calories ejected at 330.

Freddo Cappuccino: Double espresso dose not contain calories but the cream contains 160 calories. Calculate further preferred if the neat, medium or sweet. (160 to 240 calories)

Freddoccino: Ready mixture is diluted with milk. Usually added to this whipped cream, syrup or chocolate flavors. In each version of calculate about 450 calories and many grams of fat (4.4 g per 100 ml product).

Irish Coffee: French coffee or espresso with whiskey and whipped. Yields approximately 383 calories. In this category you add coffee and sugar calculate additional 20 calories per teaspoon.

Bailey's Irish Cream Coffee: French coffee or espresso with a touch of Bailey's Original Irish Cream, whipped cream and cinnamon. Yields approximately 423 calories.


The menu that banishes cellulite

The diet aims to increase fluid intake in order to defeat the retention observed in the cellulite and is enhanced in the following nutrients, which inhibit fat storage and improve skin texture.

There may be no way to completely get rid of cellulite http://www.mymedispaonline.com/, but it is possible to considerably soften the look of. What? Increase your physical activity, making sure to combine both aerobic exercise and strength training exercises.

Be sure to sufficiently moisturize your body by drinking at least 2 liters of fluid a day. Remember that in your daily hydration contributes not only drinking water, and many foods (fruits, vegetables, yogurt) and all non-alcoholic beverages such as milk, tea, soft drinks (light if you want zero calories) coffee and juices.

Adopt a balanced diet, which is not deprived of your favorite foods and beverages, aiming at maintaining a healthy body weight. Ensure that your daily diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fiber, whole grains and legumes. Restrict habits can exacerbate the problem such as stress, smoking and increased alcohol consumption.

If you belong to the 85% of women with cellulite on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen or the inside of the arms, and want to get rid of it, then the proper nutrition is one of the healthiest and safest ways to succeed.